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It's been about a year since I started Tanner Learning. What were the top posts of 2016? Click through to see!

Top Posts from Tanner Learning in 2016

It’s been almost exactly a year since I launched Tanner Learning. I’ve enjoyed blogging here about educational activities families can do that bridge the gap between learning and fun. Now that I’m taking time to reflect on the year, I wanted to share the top posts from 2016.

These top posts help me see what kind of content you’re most enjoying. Taking time to analyze these stats helps me create the best possible blog for my readers.

Top Posts from Tanner Learning in 2016

If you missed any of these posts, be sure to click on the pictures to be taken to the original.

10. Adapting Telestrations for Early Readers & Writers

You don’t have to miss out on this awesome game just because your kids can’t read all the words yet. Here’s how I adapt the game for my early learners. It’s still a fun game, and we actually get to play it now instead of leaving it on a shelf for years while they gain more skills.

9. 10 Learning Activities with Bubbles

Do your kids love bubbles? Here are 10 different learning activites to try with your kids.

Most kids love bubbles! The activities in this post will give you some starting points for turning bubble time into learning time.

8. 7 Christmas Car Games for Kids

Christmas car games for you to enjoy this December.My car games posts seem to be well received, and this one was no different. Here are seven seasonal games to enjoy during your Christmas road trips.

7. 8 Ways to Incorporate Sensory Play Without Effort

Sensory play doesn't have to be complicated! Here's 8 simple ways to incorporate it.My child with a disability taught me the importance of sensory play, but all of my kids enjoy getting into their learning with all their senses. This post highlights simple ways to increase the amount of sensory play going on in your house.

6. 5 Social Studies Car Games

Social studies car games

Social studies in the car? Yup! Here are five fun games that incorporate key elements of social studies and history.

5. 10 Learning Activities with the Memory Game

I love playing games with my kids! And we love discovering new ways to play, because playing by all the rules all the time is pretty boring.

These activities get the game off the shelf and your kids busy learning. While having fun. That’s awesome!

4. 5 Expert Tips to Make TV Time More Educational

5 Expert Tips for Making TV Time More Educational. Who says TV time always has to be brain numbing? Click over to discover five fresh ways to wake up your brain during tube time.TV time happens around here more often than I’d like, especially as my due date gets closer and my energy is depleted. But, TV time doesn’t have to be a brain sucking activity. Here are five simple ways to make viewing more educational for kids of all ages.

3. 5 Cookie Cutter Learning Activities

cookie cutter learning activitiesCookie cutters get played with a lot around my house! Which makes me happy because I really don’t like keeping things that only get used once or twice a year.

Here are five learning activities that use the cute shapes you have hanging out in your drawer.

2. 10 Variations of Hide and Seek

Are you getting bored with regular Hide and Seek? Check out these variations to spice up playtime a bit.Plain old hide and seek can get boring. Good thing we can mix things up a bit! Here are ten different variations for you to enjoy with your kids.

1. 7 Simple ELA Car Games

7 Simple ELA Car GamesAnother car game post, this one focusing on English-Language Arts (ELA) skills. This batch is my family’s favorite–we almost always play at least one of these every time we get in the car!

What Was Your Favorite Post from 2016?

Did my top ten posts of 2016 include your favorite? It didn’t include mine (10 Simple Ways to Unleash Creativity in Your Child.)

I’d love to know what types of posts you enjoy seeing, so I can continue delivering content that you want to read.