what is tanner learning

What Is Tanner Learning?

Are you struggling to engage your children in learning?

Do you feel like learning games take too much effort or need too many weird supplies?

Are you ready for learning to be fun?

Hi! I’m Lisa. I’m a certified teacher in Washington State, with a Master’s Degree in Elementary Reading and Literacy. I’m an educational expert.

I’m also a homeschooling mama to seven children. Life is busy, and I don’t have time for complicated setups or intense prep.

I like simple and fun. That’s how learning looks around here.

We rarely use textbooks. My children are creating, moving, and singing as they learn.

Engage Your Children in Learning

Tanner Learning strives to help parents bridge the gap between learning and fun. I’ll be sharing ways for parents to play an active role in the educational process.

Whether your children are homeschooled like mine, go to public school, or are participating in a different educational path, you’ll find ideas to make learning fun.

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You’ll also be the first to learn about my courses as they become available. Perhaps you’ll be a Beta tester for me.

My Courses

I’m currently working on my first course–Teaching Reading Through Play. It’ll debut first on the Schoolhouse Teachers site.

Designed for students who know their letters, this course will help parents teach them how to read. It’ll be play based, and very engaging.

I’m working on 36 weeks of lessons, with 5 lessons each week. To keep your child’s attention, my lessons are short. It’ll be a slide show based course with video support as necessary.

My next course will be a writing course for early writers.


Do you need advice from an educational expert? I’m available for email or phone consultations. Click here to contact me for an initial consultation.

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