reasons to sing the alphabet song

Three Reasons to Sing the Alphabet Song With Your Child


Do you remember singing the alphabet song as a kid? I know I do!

Familiarity with the alphabet is a huge predictor in reading success.

Signing this catchy song is a fun introduction to the alphabet. Here are three reasons to sing the alphabet song

1. Children Memorize Songs Quickly

Ever had a song stuck in your head? It just keeps replaying, without you even thinking about it. We are musical creatures, and easily remember words to songs.

Research shows that songs are a good way to teach academic material, because they are easily memorized. The beat, rhythm, and tune get embedded in our brain, and we find ourselves singing it again and again.

We can use this to our advantage when teaching our kids. The Alphabet Song will help them quickly memorize the names of the letters.

2. Singing the ABC Song Preps Your Student for Letter Identification

The Alphabet Song introduces your child to letters in a fun, non-threatening way. They just have to sing the song.

And while they are singing? They are building neuron paths in the brain that will later be associated with letter identification.

They are building a foundation.

You can’t build a house without a foundation.

Likewise, you can’t learn to read without a foundation. The alphabet IS the foundation for reading success. The Alphabet Song preps the brain for the important work of learning the alphabet.

3. You Can Teach Some Simple Activities with the ABC Song

Attention spans of young children are short. That means we have to take advantage of short teachable moments that occur throughout the day.

Your child will benefit more from consistent, short lessons than from long, drawn out ones.

Working with your child while singing the alphabet song will help you to increase your child’s reading skills without frustration.

Here’s How

Before you sit down with your child, quickly write the alphabet on a piece of paper. As you sing The Alphabet Song together, have him point to each letter.

You can also write each letter on a piece of paper, and spread them across the floor. As you child sings, have her jump from one letter to the next.

These quick activities help your child associate letter names with the letter shapes.

You want your child to sing the ABC song. Start singing it early, and often. Talk about letters as you’re out and about.

The more you play with letters, the easier your child will pick them up.

What are your reasons for singing The Alphabet Song?

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