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Don't just color in coloring books, use them to enchance your child's literacy skills. Click through to read some simple ways to make it happen.

Coloring Books to Enhance Literacy

Do your kids enjoy coloring? Mine sure do! I always make sure to stock up on coloring books at the Dollar Tree and other stores. That way they have a variety of options.

But, I don’t like my kids just coloring with coloring books. There’s so much more you can do with colored pictures! Let’s explore a few fun ways to enhance literacy with this favorite activity.

Color & Cut Out Favorite Characters

Once your child has colored a favorite character, encourage her to cut it out. Keep the cutout in a Ziploc bag, and keep adding to the collection until you have all of the main characters.

Now, you can use these cutouts to tell a story. What will the characters do today? What adventure is waiting?

Your child can use the cutouts as picture clues to create their own story, or use them as props and act out the story.

Name the Characters

When you need a few minutes, ask your child to go through a coloring book and name all the characters on each page. If a name is unknown, encourage your child to create a name.

Connecting pictures to a word (or name) will help reinforce that words have meanings.

Glue Cutouts to a Paper

Once your child has cutout several characters, you can provide a glue stick and a couple pieces of blank paper.

Have your little one draw a background, and glue the characters in place. Once the sheets are ready, ask her to tell you the story she made.

Circle Letters

Hand your child a pencil or crayon and ask her to circle all of the As in the coloring book. Then use another color to circle a different letter.

It’s a fun way to practice letter identification skills.

Find the Letters in Your Name

Ask your child to go through the coloring book and find each of the letters in her name. Are they all there?

Fun with Coloring Books

How do you encourage literacy with coloring books? I know I didn’t name all the possibilities, so I’d love you to share your ideas in the comment section below.

Photo credit: Daniel Watson via Unsplash

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