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Why do I play car games with the kids? It's so much easier just to turn on the radio and relax. But, engaging the kids has such a better outcome. Click through to read what I've learned.

Why I Play Car Games with My Children

If you’ve read the blog for any length of time, you know that I’m a huge fan of car games for kids.

I enjoy playing them, but it wasn’t always my favorite thing to do. So I wanted to explain why I emphasize them so much.

Because, when I get in the car, do you know what I really want to do?

I want to relax, listen to some talk radio or an audio book, and just enjoy some peace and quiet.

But, even though I could make the kids sit quietly along the way, I’ve learned the hard way that it’s not the best thing to do. Because then when we get where we’re going, they’re ready to engage and interact.

They’re ready for attention. To tell me about what they saw or drew on the way.

And I’m ready to do whatever it is I went there to do.

The kids get loud. They get whiny and impatient. And I get mad.

All because I wanted my way in the car. I wanted it to be about me and what I wanted.

So I don’t usually do what I want. Instead, I make the choice to engage. To be present and build memories.

And everyone does better because of it. Even me.

Finding Balance

On the other end of the equation, I don’t want my kids to feel like they should always be entertained. I want them to have quiet time and thinking time.

So we don’t play car games every mile of the journey.

They have their color books and colored pencils. I have a stack of kids’ books on cassettes that we listen to.

They spend time looking out the windows.

And yes, sometimes I hand over my smartphone and let them play games so I can kick back and listen to Dave Ramsey.

But, I always try to keep an eye on the feelings in the car. If the kids are starting to argue, or they’re getting restless and bored, a game can usually turn things around before it gets out of hand.

So I’m always ready with an idea or two.

It Doesn’t Take Much

Most of my car games aren’t fancy. They don’t need special items or supplies. And most aren’t really even that competitive.

But the kids don’t care. They just want to spend time with me. And feel special.

That’s what car games do. They help kids and parents take time that’s otherwise wasted, and turn it into something special.

That’s why I play car games with them, even when I’d rather just sit.

Do You Need Ideas for Car Games?

If you’re hoping to build some memories in the car, be sure to check out my posts on Car Games for kids. You can find a list of them all on this post. They’re material free, so you won’t have any clutter to worry about.

And you’ll always be prepared with a game when you need one.

Here’s to peaceful car trips. wonderful journeys, and a lifetime of memories!

Photo Credit: Kevin Lee via Unsplash