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5 Simple ABC Games with homemade letter cards. A video post!

5 Simple ABC Games with Homemade Letter Cards

We love playing learning games! Today I have a special treat for you. My six-year old daughter, Ellie helped me create my very first video post.

She demonstrates five simple ABC games that use our homemade letter cards. Click below to see the video.

In case you have a lousy internet connection (like I do…), or don’t have time to watch the video, here’s a written version. It has all the directions you need to play these simple ABC games.

5 Simple ABC Games with Homemade Letter Cards

How to Make Homemade Letter Cards

Our letter cards are simple. They’re inexpensive, and fairly durable. You’ll need:

26 Index Cards

1 marker (like a Sharpie)

To make the cards, just write one large letter on the unlined side of each card.

Game 1: Alphabet Soup

You’ll need:

Your letter cards

A large soup pot

A spoon

To Play:

Spread the letter cards around the room. Have your child run over and grab one, and say what letter it is.

Ask your child to add the letter to the pot.

Continue adding letters until they’re all in.

Then sing the ABC song and give the letters a stir!

2. ABC Toss

You’ll Need:

Your letter cards

A ball of crumpled aluminum foil

To Play:

Spread a few letters out on a desk or table. Hand your child the ball of foil, and have her take a few steps backwards.

Your child tosses the ball of aluminum foil onto the cards. Ask her what letter the foil landed on (or landed near).

Flip that card over, and toss the ball again. Continue until all cards are flipped over.

3. A Basket Full of Letters

You’ll Need:

Your letter cards

A basket

A chair

To Play:
Set the basket on the chair. Hand your child the stack of letter cards, and ask her to stand a few feet back.

Ask your child what card is on top. Once she says the letter, have her toss it into the basket.

When all the cards are tossed, have your child pick up any misses. They can take a step closer, and try again.

4. Flip the Sound

You’ll Need:

Your letter cards

To Play:

Shuffle the letter cards and place them in a stack face down.

Have your child flip the top card over.

Ask your child to say the name of the letter, and the sound the letter makes. Have your child say a word that starts with that sound.

Continue for each letter.

5. Driving for Letters

You’ll Need:

Your letter cards

A toy vehicle

To Play:

Set the letter cards in order on the floor in a path around the room. They should be face up.

Have your child start with the vehicle at the letter A. Ask her to either put the letters in the vehicle (if it’s big enough) or drive over the letter.

She should sing the ABC song, driving from one letter to the next.

Will you give any of these simple ABC games a try? I’d love to hear about it in the comments!

Photo by Amador Loureiro via Unsplash

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