4 Car Games to Practice Color Identification

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These car games help your little ones practice their color identification skills. They're perfect for young kids.

4 Car Games to Practice Color Identification

Today’s car games are meant for the youngsters in our lives. They’re all perfect for reinforcing color identification skills.

In addition, these games will keep your little ones engaged while you’re driving, which is a huge bonus!


No, this game doesn’t have anything to do with a farmer and his dog! 😀 My little sister Katie introduced me to this one back when I was in high school.

The goal is to find 10 yellow cars. Each time you see a yellow car, you yell, “BINGO!”

When I played with my sister, we decided that school buses, moving trucks, semi-trucks, and delivery vans didn’t count. Neither did tractors. So we threw out all commercial rigs.

But with my young kids, everything counts. It’s a fun way to keep them looking out the windows as we drive.

We’ve also occasionally changed up the color. We might play “Red Bingo” or “Blue Bingo.” Pick a color you’re working on, and go with that.

Of course some car colors are very popular, so the length of the game varies based on what color you pick.

2. I Spy

The classic car game I’m sure almost everyone has played! One person secretly picks an object (inside the car works best so you don’t drive right past it!). Once selected, the person then says, “I spy with my little eye something ______.” They fill in the blank with the color of the object.

The other players take turns guessing what it is.

Once identified, another player picks an object.

3. Find the Rainbow

Can your kids find something red?

Then yellow?

Continue calling out colors for them to find until they’ve found the whole rainbow. Then you can throw in some extra colors like pink and silver too!

4. Color Category

Pick a color, and have your kids name as many things as they can that are that color. For older kids, you can have them focus on a single category (name all the orange vegetables for instance).

Here’s how it works:

One person names a color. Then everyone takes turns naming objects that are that color.

So if the color is pink, you might hear:

  • The sunset
  • cheeks
  • A shoe
  • My shirt
  • That blanket
  • A pig

When you’re out of ideas, give another color a try.

Do you play other car games that reinforce color?

I’d love to hear about them in the comments!

Photo credit: Alejandro Garrido Navarro via Unsplash