10 Exciting Hide and Seek Variations to Enjoy

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Looking for hide and seek variations to try? Here are ten of our favorites!

10 Exciting Hide and Seek Variations to Enjoy

My kids love playing hide and seek! It’s especially popular when we take the game outside.

But the regular version gets pretty boring at times. That why we’re always trying out new hide and seek variations.

I wanted to share 10 of our favorites with you. Try one of these out the next time you’re looking for an active activity for your family.

1. Hide and Goal Seek

When you combine traditional hide and seek with tag you get this game! The seeker closes his eyes and counts like normal while everyone hides. Then, he goes to find them.

The hiders have one goal–to get back to the home base without being tagged. We always use our flagpole as base. You’ll want to pick a spot that’s easily accessible in several directions.

If the seeker tags the hider before they make it back to base, that hider is out. If they make it to the base, they’re safe.

2. Sardines

I was first introduced to this book in elementary school when I was reading one of the Babysitter’s Club Little Sisters books. Karen played it with some friends.I’ve enjoyed it ever since!

Sardines are packed tightly in a little tin can. That’s the point of this game–to cram everyone into one hiding spot.

One person runs off to hide while everyone else counts. Then the seekers split up, and try to find the hider. When they do, they silently join in hiding. The game continues until only one person is left looking. It’s a ton of fun!

3. Wave

The newest version in our arsenal!  One person counts while everyone else hides.

As the seeker finds someone, that person has to tag along with the seeker. Except, if the extra person spots another person hiding, that person can wave at them.

That wave frees the extra person to run away from the seeker and go hide again. When everyone has been found and is still tagging along, the round is over.

It helps to have eyes in the back of your head for this one!

4. Themed Hide and Seek

This one is a little different. One person picks a theme, and then everyone who’s hiding has to follow that theme. It sounds confusing, but it’s not once you give it a try. Here are some of the ones we’ve used, hide:

  • By something green
  • Inside of something
  • With another person
  • Under something
  • In a bedroom
  • In the barn

It shortens the game play a little bit by really narrowing the hiding spaces available. Sometimes a short game of hide and seek is nice!

5. Hide the Button

I remember my Nanny playing this with my sisters and I way back when. So many memories!

It’s a different variation because nobody actually hides. Instead, an inanimate object (like a button) is hid.

Everyone else tries to find the button. It’s best to limit this one to a single room, making it perfect for a rainy day.

6. Blindfolded Seeker

The game Luigi’s Ghost Mansion (part of a game on the Wii U) inspired this version of Hide and Seek. Since you need a blindfold, it’s best played indoors.

It gets blindfolded . Everyone else hides around the room.

The seeker has to use the senses of listening and touch to track down where everyone is hiding. It’s a fun way to spend some time!

7. Walkie-Talkie Hide and Seek

A field trip in middle school was my first introduction to this variation of the game. We took a trip over to the Washington Coast, and were spending the weekend by Fort Casey in Western Washington.

The chaperones and the kids enjoyed a great round of walkie-talkie tag. We broke into two groups, and were each equipped with a walkie-talkie.

One group ran to hide and the other group had to find us. We could use the walkie-talkies to give clues, or send the other team on a wild-goose chase. It was loads of fun!

Now that we have a set of walkie-talkies, the kids and I have played a couple of times. The seekers favorite question is, “Let me hear what you hear right now.” The hiders hold the button on their walkie-talkie and broadcast the background noise for a few seconds. There are often clues in those noises that help everyone to be found!

8. Flashlight Hide and Seek

What do you do when you have a power outage on Christmas Eve? You play flashlight hide and seek of course!

We waited until it was dark (which didn’t take long in December!) and then gave the seeker a flashlight. Everyone else ran off to hide.

The seeker used the flashlight to find us. Sort of spooky hiding in the dark, but really fun! You could hide in really obvious places and as long as the flashlight beam didn’t hit you the seeker would never know you were there.

9. Water Balloon Hide and Seek

A fun summer twist, the seeker has a bag of water balloons. His job is to hit you with one when he finds you. If he misses, you get to run to base.

If you make it back to base, you get to throw a water balloon at the seeker! The kids love it!

10. Link Up Hide and Seek

For link up hide and seek, the seeker links arms with the first person she finds. Then the two stick together while finding someone else.

Player three also joins in the link-up. Continue until everyone is linked up by the arms. It’s pretty hard to move easily with so many people attached!

What Hide and Seek Variations Do You Enjoy?

I’d love to hear your favorite version of this classic game in the comments section below. We’re always game for trying a new one!

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